Bahamas Out Islands

Hope Town
Located just 200 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida, Hope Town is a quaint village on the beautiful island of Elbow Cay one of the small cays to the east of the main island of Abaco. At around four and a half miles long and over half a mile at its widest point, Elbow Cay is home to wonderful people, great food, beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Golf-carts are the transportation of choice here, charming Loyalist-style cottages with robust vacation rentals, picturesque lanes, and close proximity to world-class sailing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing make this island an ideal investment location.


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With more than five thousand residents, Marsh Harbour is the third largest town in The Bahamas. Most of its revenue is derived from tourism and it is also a shipbuilding centre. Marsh Harbour has the majority of services available in all of the Abacos, including a government offices, post office, bookstore, grocery stores, specialty shops, travel agencies and laundries. Good water-taxi connections make this a popular place from which to explore offshore cays, including Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Lubbers Quarters. Boat rentals are available, as are bicycles and motor bikes.


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Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay, Bahamas is a small coastal community on the east coast of the main island of Abaco. It is approximately 165 miles due east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Treasure Cays 5-star golf course has attracted PGA greats for decades. The beaches of Treasure Cay are a well kept secret, and known locally to be outstanding. The big crescent beach has been voted by National Geographic to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Treasure Cay has an international airport, services, general store, marina and restaurants as well as boats can be chartered for a great bone fishing experience.


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Guana Cay

Great Guana Cay is a long but narrow islet which is 9 miles in length. It is located in the centre of the Abaco Islands approximately 8 miles from Marsh Harbour. There is a five and a half mile long beach on the Atlantic ocean side of the island which is one of the longest in the Bahamas. A cove located on the island called Kidd's Cove named after the pirate. This isle contains a large amount of virgin forest, making it prime habitat for migrating birds and hosts some of the healthiest coral reefs in the West Indies. Great Guana Cay's is known for its lively social scene, rich Loyalist culture and architecture. Approximately 150 people live on the settlement which stretches along the beach.


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Lubbers Quarters
Located between Marsh Harbor and Elbow Cay, approximately 3 miles south of Hope Town, it Lubbers Quarters is one mile long and half a mile wide. It lies protected from the ocean swells in the Abaco Sound. The island offers secluded beaches, clear paths for walking or jogging, and lots of peace and quiet. This island is relatively noncommercial but electricity and phone service have recently become available. Most of the homes there have full electric power and are equipped. This rustic and idyllic island get away has one restaurant/bar, just a few more are available just minutes away by boat in Hope Town or Marsh Harbour


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Harbour Island

Located northeast of the main island of Eleuthera, Harbour Island's colorful history can be traced through Dunmore Town, the main and only town on Harbour Island, which dates back to the 18th century and is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas. When the Revolutionary War broke out in the United States of America, the British Loyalist Governor of Virginia fled to the Bahamas where he was awarded the title of Lord Dunmore, Governor of The Bahamas. He laid out what is today Dunmore Town, at the centre of Harbour Island, giving shape to the village of today. It some circles it is compared to Nantucket and St. Bart’s and most of the beachfront homes and island cottages have wealthy and celebrity owners.


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Windermere Island
A five and a half mile long private island located on the east side of the main island of Eleuthera. Windermere Island is noted for its beaches and its celebrity visitors, who use it as a private retreat. It is known as a frequent vacation destination of the British Royal family. The island is connected to the larger island of Eleuthera by a short bridge, which is protected by a guardhouse. The bridge was built by Lord Trefgarne; who was a former owner of the Island. Beachfront estates and cottages take advantage of the private location, sandy beaches, surf and Atlantic Ocean breezes.

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Governors Harbour Eleuthera
Eleuthera's original population of Tainos, or Arawaks, was taken away by the Spanish to work in the mines of Hispaniola, where they died out by 1550. Thereafter, the island is believed to have been unoccupied until European Puritan pilgrims fleeing religious persecution arrived here in 1649 from Bermuda. The settlers first went ashore near “Governor’s Bay,” which is today known as Cupid's Cay. Governor's Harbour has remained the principal settlement on the island of Eleuthera and serves as the administrative capital.

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Spanish Wells

First inhabited in 1649 when the Spanish Conquistadors sunk a well to provide ships with potable water, Spanish Wells is located just off the north end of the larger island of Eleuthera. The waterfront is lined with quaint picturesque cottages and fishing boats that can stay at sea for days or weeks at a time. The main source of income is lobster fishing and Spanish Wells is known for top-quality lobster tails that are shipped all over the world. This small community strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology and prides itself on their hard work, community spirit, friendliness, strong principles and self-sufficiency.


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Exuma and Cays

The Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau. Set in the most stunning aquamarine waters, the islands are a popular spot for yachting, sailing, diving, and coral reef and cave exploring. Many of the unnamed beaches and coves of the islands, along with extensive offshore reef areas, are included in the protected Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. Great Exuma Island, together with the Exuma Cays offer an amazing variety of vacation and home-ownership possibilities, from luxury resorts and beachfront villas to basic fishing lodges and cottages.


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Grand Bahama

Occupying the northwest end of our national archipelago, this is the closest major island to the United States, lying just 56 miles off the state of Florida. Tourism is the mainstay of the island's economy and is complemented by an oil bunkering facility, quarrying operations, a large shipyard and a transshipment/ container port. Here you can find a memorable mix of historic charm, modern attractions, miles of beautiful beaches, nature preserves and marvelous ecological finds. Grand Bahama Island is ideal for nature-based activity including kayaking, dolphin experiences, airboat eco-adventures, jeep safaris, scuba diving and bike tours.


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Long Island

Renown for its dramatic topography that varies from steep rocky headlands to broad white beaches with soft powder sand, Long Island is home to one of the oldest dive operations in The Bahamas. The island has numerous shallow and deep dive sites, and is best known for Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest recorded blue hole in The Bahamas (more than 600 feet). The Tropic of Cancer runs through the northern quarter of the island and major activities on Long Island include fishing, farming, salt extraction, tourism, sailing, scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling and beaching.


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