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Spotlight on Mediterranean Malta: Stately Homes of an Island State

Due to its strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta’s history is one defined by a series of foreign rulers, significant conflicts and international trade. Inhabited since pre-history, along the centuries Malta was Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Arab, Norman, Byzantine, belonged to the Order of the Knights of St. John, the French and was under British rule for 150 years before becoming the independent island state it is today.

All these civilizations left behind their own traditions, beliefs and cultures that were inherited by the Maltese and passed down the generations. Nowadays, Malta is often described as a melting pot of culture and history in its own right, where all the diverse elements meet, mix and melt into one another to become the unique Maltese character.

This eclectic mix is evident in the gastronomy, architecture and physical elements that create the colourful and interesting island setting. However, it is also interesting to see how the great legacy of the past has also permeated life in the home – through this remarkable collection of traditional Maltese homes built by remarkable owners in the fashion of their time, still boasting an extraordinary appeal today.

Malta Sotheby’s International Realty, the luxury real estate brand representative in the Maltese Islands, have put forth a number of notable Maltese homes for sale that bring out the historic lifestyle aspect of Malta in all its glory. These palazzos will take you back in time and are awaiting new homeowners who want to create their own chapter in their history.

19th Century Palazzino

19th Century Palazzino, Rabat, Malta | € 3,650,000 | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

This palazzino (small palazzo), situated in one of Malta’s most historically rich towns, has been recently renovated to preserve its original frescoes and enhance its other features. This property is one of the few fine examples of Art Nouveau around the island. Another interesting aspect of this home is that on its grounds it has a private chapel that most probably pre-dates the living quarters.

Extraordinary Palazzo

Extraordinary Palazzo, Rabat, Malta | Price Upon Request | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

Also situated in the historic town of Rabat, this palazzo has turned many eyes with its impeccable interior design, put together by its homeowners. Boasting high and beamed ceilings, traditional Maltese windows and a beautiful layout amplified by its décor, such a home is quite a rare find.

Stunning 18th Century Palazzo

Stunning 18th Century Palazzo, Zejtun, Malta | € 4,200,000 | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

This home is a hidden gem tucked away in the southern Maltese village of Zejtun, one of Malta’s oldest localities. The highlight of this house is its impressive landscaped gardens with archways and outside entertaining areas that hosted numerous lavish events on its grounds against this beautiful setting.

Elegant Palazzino

Elegant Palazzino, Sliema, Malta | € 2,300,000 | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

Among several original architectural features such as traditional Maltese balcony, iron wrought staircases and beamed ceilings, the unique aspect of this palazzino is its octagonal hallway and drawing room. Such a residence is quite a rare find in the bustling town of Sliema, making it perhaps even more charming against this contemporary and cosmopolitan setting.

Historic Palazzo

Historic Palazzo, Balzan, Malta | Price Upon Request | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

Dating back to the time when the Knights of St. John were in Malta, judging from its dimensions and stately form this palazzo must have belonged to a member of this Order. Its archways, passageways, stone staircases, painted beamed ceilings as well as the central courtyard layout and surrounding mature garden add to its mystical appeal.

Majestic Palazzo

Majestic Palazzo, Qormi, Malta | Price Upon Request | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty

Also built during the time of the Knights in Malta in the 16th century, this home is known to have belonged to a member of this Order and is one of the oldest homes in its locality. In fact, it used to be the private residence of the Knight who was next in line to the Grand Master. This palazzo holds elegantly dressed up stately rooms reminiscent of its grand past and is further embellished by a Belvedere, baroque chapel, stables, mature gardens and numerous other attractive features.

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